Dear guests and friends of the Hotel Alpenhof,
we look forward to finally welcoming you again.

What rules must be observed as a guest before arrival?

A stay is only symptom-free, in a perfect state of health and with a negative PCR test (not older than 24 hours), a negative PoC antigen rapid test (not older than 24 hours), a Covid test that has been proven to have passed within the last 6 months. Illness or a Covid14 vaccination that has been fully completed at least 19 days before arrival is possible.
In the event of a positive result, there is an obligation to separate (isolation) with the notification of the positive result. The person concerned must report to the health department, which then informs about how to proceed.
Rooms can be allocated to anyone who is allowed to stay together under the new general contact restrictions (10 people, with an incidence between 50 and 100 from a maximum of three households). In areas with an incidence <50, every guest will only have to present a negative test upon arrival (no longer every 48 hours as before); in areas with an incidence between 50 and 100, tests will remain every 48 hours.


Our district: Miesbach

To protect your health and that of other guests and employees, we would like to ask you to inform yourself about the current Travel regulations of the Federal Foreign Office to inform.

Is there still a mask requirement?

Guests aged 15 and over must wear an FFP2 mask indoors and staff must wear a medical face mask in accordance with occupational health and safety regulations.
Children and young people between the ages of 6 and 15 only have to wear a mouth and nose cover. Removing the mask is permitted as long as it is necessary for identification purposes or to communicate with people with hearing impairments.
Exempt from the mask requirement for guests is their own room, our pool and the tables in our restaurant areas.
Children up to their sixth birthday are exempt from wearing mouth and nose protection.

Which hygiene and protective measures still apply?

The already prescribed AHA rules still apply - keep your distance, observe hygiene and wear a mask in everyday life.


Can you use the outdoor and indoor catering as a hotel guest?

Yes, both outdoor and indoor catering is currently possible again.
• Breakfast is served in the form of a buffet and disposable gloves are handed out
• Our restaurant has normal opening times again
External guests:
• A negative test is only required if the incidence is between 50 and 100. General contact restrictions apply at the table. The regulations on the mask requirement remain in place.
• Guests must log in to the front desk for contact tracking.
General contact restriction, referring to the Bavarian cabinet meeting on June 4th


If the incidence is between 50 and 100, 10 people from a maximum of three households are allowed, and if the incidence is <50, 10 people from any number of households are allowed to stay together. As in the past, vaccinated and convalescent people do not count in private get-togethers or similar social contacts according to federal law.
Only two incidence thresholds (50 and 100):
There are now only two incidence categories: areas with incidence <50 and areas with incidence between 50 and 100.
Planned public and private events for special occasions:
(Birthday, wedding, christening celebrations, funerals, club meetings etc.) are possible again: with an incidence between 50 and 100 outside up to 50, inside up to 25 people - with an incidence below 50 outside up to 100, inside up to 50 people (plus Vaccinated and genesis according to federal law). If the incidence is between 50 and 100, people who have not been vaccinated or recovered require a negative test.

As a hotel guest, can I use the spa area and book treatments?

Yes, our house guests can still use our wellness area at any time, provided that the applicable hygiene and protective measures are observed. Applications can also be booked through our external partner at any time, subject to availability.

Your John family with the entire Alpenhof team



BW Seepromenade 6492 c Egbert Krupp


Get-to-know weeks in November and December


Sensational weeks to get to know each other in the valley of dreams! The turquoise Tegernsee is embedded in the grandiose pre-alpine landscape and reveals its charm in November and in the run-up to Christmas. Incredible, but true at a sensational all-inclusive price with 7 nights including half board per person from only

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  • Get-to-know weeks


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