The environmental concept plays an important role for us at the Hotel Alpenhof am Tegernsee. Therefore pay attention we on saving energy and our beautiful Environment to protect. Below you will find a small list of our various measures.


Subject: Sustainable together at Tegernseesustainability Hotel Alpenhof Tegernsee

⋅ Extensive renovation and redesign work (January-March 2021)

  • For our renovation work, which includes the entire guest rooms, bathrooms, restaurant, reception and lounge areas, we have always relied on regional, local craftsmen and the planning company Proplan & Planbad from Rosenheim
  • The most modern and economical light sources were used throughout the house. In the public areas, the whole thing is also supplemented by lighting automation.
  • As far as possible, a regional reference and a sustainable design were also taken into account for the materials.

⋅ The regional purchase of food is our top priority, which is why we are in constant contact with our suppliers to ensure that they are regional and environmentally friendly


⋅ E-mobility: We offer our guests the opportunity to rent our own e-bikes from us or to store the e-bikes they have brought with them safely. In addition, these can be charged with our numerous e-bike charging stations. Furthermore, e-charging stations for electric cars are in the final planning stage and will be implemented in the near future.


⋅ During our kitchen renovation in 2014, we made sure that the cooling units that were newly installed at the time all have a heat recovery system, so that some of the hot water generation can be operated via this.


⋅ We have also been using a digital guest directory for several years, with which guests have the opportunity to cancel the change of linen. We also advise you to use towels more often by hanging them up again. As a result, we use much less energy and detergent.


⋅ Hotel cosmetics such as shampoo, shower gel and body lotion are no longer in individual bottles, which means that considerably less waste is produced.


⋅ We draw our guests' attention to the fact that it is possible to travel by train and then use the buses free of charge with the guest card.


⋅ Avoiding, reducing and separating rubbish, especially at breakfast and in the kitchen, have been a matter of course for years.

Goals and measures of our hotel

In 2019, the company Green Aktiv carried out a comprehensive inspection of our house with subsequent energy advice. As a result, the following modernization measures with a total investment volume of € 250.000 are planned for the next two years:

  • ⋅ Renew the heating
  • ⋅ Switching from oil to natural gas
  • ⋅ block-type thermal power station
  • ⋅ photovoltaics
  • ⋅ Swimming pool ventilation system



BW Seepromenade 6492 c Egbert Krupp


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