We - the John family - are passionate hosts. For three generations now, we have been constantly striving to make every imaginable day in our hotel an extraordinary day for our guests. Today we offer you exceptional cuisine, a luxurious living ambience and the great variety of wellness in the Alpenhof. The guest is king - with this saying we start the day early in the morning in order to meet your expectations, even to exceed them, and so we let it end in the evening. Perhaps you too will soon be one of our more than 10.000 satisfied regular guests.


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4.2 out of 5 stars
Total Reviews: 88
  • Great hotel with a really very friendly team. Attentive and very friendly at all times. Great food kudos to the kitchen team. Super great location of the hotel, great clean rooms. We will definitely be happy to come back. 😉
  • After a year of Corona-related break, here again. We were able to admire a successful conversion. The beloved staff was still there and just as motivated and nice as ever. No question about it, the food and service are excellent as usual. Every day a sumptuous breakfast buffet and at least 3 different main courses in the evening. The chef is happy to respond confidently to special requests and intolerance. We don't know how often we've been there, but there will be many more. A place to feel good where you are not just a customer but a welcome guest.
  • We stayed for 1 week including half board in the Hotel Alpenhof. Everything was perfect, breakfast menu with a good hygiene concept was very rich and the dinner was high quality and delicious. The decor of the rooms after the renovation was modern, everything was clean, the bathrooms were new. All in all a good thing, we'll be back.



BW Seepromenade 6492 c Egbert Krupp


Get-to-know weeks in November and December


Sensational weeks to get to know each other in the valley of dreams! The turquoise Tegernsee is embedded in the grandiose pre-alpine landscape and reveals its charm in November and in the run-up to Christmas. Incredible, but true at a sensational all-inclusive price with 7 nights including half board per person from only

€ 490, -

as well as the Alpenhof inclusive services.


3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.09.21


  • Let yourself be seduced

    01.05. - 29.05.22

    May, oh May, he really sets us free with a sensational offer.

    From only 630, - EUR

    3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.03.22

    Read More ...

  • Catch the summer in June-July


    The Tegernsee blooms in full splendor and warmly welcomes you with its charm.

    From only 728, - EUR

    3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.04.22

    Read More ...

  • The Tegernsee in August-September


    Catch the summer at one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.

    From only 749, - EUR

    3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.06.22

    Read More ...

  • Golden October


    Hiking, mountaineering, cycling, mountain biking and much more

    From only 630, - EUR

    3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.08.21

    Read More ...

  • Get-to-know weeks


    Unique introductory weeks at the Hotel Alpenhof.

    From only 490, - EUR

    3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.09.21

    Read More ...

  • Christmas romance

    20.12.-27.12.21 (minimum stay)

    Enjoy Christmas at a sensational price!

    From only 735, - EUR

    3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.08.21

    Read More ...

  • New Year's Eve

    27.12.21-03.01.22 (minimum stay)

    The highlight of the year at the Hotel Alpenhof on Tegernsee.

    From only 945, - EUR

    3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.08.21

    Read More ...

  • January magic


    Hello 2022 with a great offer to kick off the season in January.

    From only 426, - EUR

    3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.11.21

    Read More ...

  • Winter high season in February


    Winter magic in the Tegernsee valley with the wonderful Bavarian mountain landscape.

    From only 497, - EUR

    3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.12.21

    Read More ...

  • March sun offer


    The snow is slowly going away in the Tegernsee valley and spring is heralding.

    From only 525, - EUR

    3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.01.22

    Read More ...

  • Spring freshness in April


    April does what he wants and mostly with feeling.

    From only 567, - EUR

    3% EARLY BOOKING DISCOUNT only until 15.02.22

    Read More ...

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