Bad Wiessee (750 m above sea level), the home of celebrities and one of the most expensive residential areas in Germany, is located directly on the edge of the Alps and impresses with the special charm of the Tegernsee. It rests majestically in the Tegernsee valley, which lets the sun shine warmly in both summer and winter.
Surrounded by hills and wooded mountains, the climatic health resort convinces with its diverse leisure offers and attractions.
Particularly noteworthy is the iodine sulfur spring, which is considered the strongest in Germany and offers numerous facilities for health and well-being for body and soul, e.g. the Bad Wiessee spa, which is one of the most renowned in Europe.
The Upper Bavarian holiday region leaves nothing to be desired - regardless of the season.
With our spa card you receive many discounts and benefits in our region. Among other things, you can take the bus around Tegernsee and throughout the Oberland for free. With this you can reach a multitude of attractions, hiking and skiing areas and surrounding places in an environmentally friendly way without stress and long search for a parking space.


Bavarian summer dreams

Mountains, water and more - Bad Wiessee, the heart of Upper Bavaria, captivates with its unique charm. Whether hiking, golfing, cycling, sailing, swimming or just relaxing, the Tegernsee Valley makes it all possible. Located directly on the Alps, you can explore this fascinating mountain world. Imposing panoramas and breathtaking views reward the ascent. Some mountain railways take you comfortably to the starting points for many hikes to rustic huts.
But the Tegernsee is also known for other activities, such as a city trip to Salzburg or Munich, a boat trip, ballooning, beach volleyball, mountain biking, e-biking, Nordic walking, paragliding, tobogganing, diving or tennis. Experience the Tegernsee and its fairytale picture book landscape. The region around Tegernsee is also an insider tip for climbers.


The golfer's paradise on Lake Tegernsee

Upper Bavaria is not only considered the land of the Alps, but also cordially invites passionate golfers.

Bad Wiessee golf course

18-hole golf course

Golf & Country Club Margarethenhof → 9 km

18-hole golf course

Golf Valley Munich → 20 km

27-hole designer course

Mangfalltal golf course → 35 km

18-hole golf course


ATTRACTIVE Tegernsee valley

Intense and relaxing, eventful and inspiring - experience the colors around the Tegernsee with the Bavarian Alps on the horizon, the mountainous forest landscape and the turquoise water of the Tegernsee.
A summer in the Tegernsee valley means: variety, adventure and tranquility, for example with a walk in the deep green forests with fragrant greenery, romping around with the family on the shores of the Tegernsee or with a visit to the spa concerts. Enrich your vacation days with moments of happiness.


Experience an e-bike

9428 mg

Active vacation or curiosity about technology? Our in-house e-bikes are equipped with the best technology. Rent our hotel's own e-bikes for half a day, a full day or even for several days - our reception will be happy to help you. You can of course also take your own e-bike with you and use our specially set up bicycle cellar with the possibility to charge your bicycle battery.



BW Seepromenade 6492 c Egbert Krupp


Get-to-know weeks in November and December


Sensational weeks to get to know each other in the valley of dreams! The turquoise Tegernsee is embedded in the grandiose pre-alpine landscape and reveals its charm in November and in the run-up to Christmas. Incredible, but true at a sensational all-inclusive price with 7 nights including half board per person from only

€ 490, -

as well as the Alpenhof inclusive services.


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  • Let yourself be seduced

    01.05. - 29.05.22

    May, oh May, he really sets us free with a sensational offer.

    From only 630, - EUR

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  • Catch the summer in June-July


    The Tegernsee blooms in full splendor and warmly welcomes you with its charm.

    From only 749, - EUR

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  • The Tegernsee in August-September


    Catch the summer at one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.

    From only 770, - EUR

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  • Golden October


    Hiking, mountaineering, cycling, mountain biking and much more

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  • Get-to-know weeks


    Unique introductory weeks at the Hotel Alpenhof.

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  • Christmas romance

    20.12.-27.12.21 (minimum stay)

    Enjoy Christmas at a sensational price!

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  • New Year's Eve

    27.12.21-03.01.22 (minimum stay)

    The highlight of the year at the Hotel Alpenhof on Tegernsee.

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  • January magic


    Hello 2022 with a great offer to kick off the season in January.

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  • Winter high season in February


    Winter magic in the Tegernsee valley with the wonderful Bavarian mountain landscape.

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  • March sun offer


    The snow is slowly going away in the Tegernsee valley and spring is heralding.

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  • Spring freshness in April


    April does what he wants and mostly with feeling.

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