You can enjoy imposing snow-capped mountains and wonderful winter views around the Tegernsee. The best conditions to relax, recharge your batteries and linger in the Alpenhof.
Some experience our wellness area in the winter hustle and bustle, while others enjoy the huge range of winter sports in the immediate vicinity. Beginners and professionals alike get their money's worth. Bad Wiessee impresses with its extensive network of winter hiking trails.
Be that as it may, the Alpenhof is right in the middle of it all, enjoy your vacation days as you please.


Active with the skis

In winter, the holiday region is transformed into an original fairytale landscape that couldn't be better seen in a picture book. Past snow-covered treetops, through romantic valleys and fields, up on charming high-altitude trails, the active ones can walk for kilometers on well-groomed trails through the glittering snow. Various route options provide the necessary variety from easy to difficult.
Those who can hardly wait to strap on the Brett'l under their feet and take their first turns towards the valley in the powder snow, start early in the direction of the many surrounding ski slopes.


SUNNY winter time

Kaltenbrunn Panorama c Hansi Heckmair


From December onwards, the diversity of winter has mostly returned to Bad Wiessee. Romantic snow-covered paths together with the wooded, surrounding mountains form a fascinating interplay - a paradise for young and old, a dream for sports and nature enthusiasts. A hike with snowshoes through an untouched winter landscape is one of the most impressive natural experiences. The longest German natural winter toboggan run on Wallberg is also impressive. Pack your sled at home or borrow one.


Whether sporty or active ...

▪ Approx. 150 km of cross-country skiing trails, including numerous skating trails
▪ Germany's longest winter toboggan run on Wallberg (6,5 km with 830 m difference in altitude)
▪ Approx. 70 km of cleared winter hiking trails, of all levels of difficulty, also suitable for touring skis
▪ 30 downhill slopes for alpine skiing and snowboarding, of all levels of difficulty, in Bad Wiessee and the surrounding area
▪ Germany's longest winter toboggan run on Wallberg (6,5 km with 830m difference in altitude)
▪ More toboggan runs in the vicinity, of all levels of difficulty
▪ Natural ice rinks for curling and ice skating
▪ Ski schools for cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding
▪ 5 km long, romantic and cleared lake promenade
▪ Hot air balloon rides


Or romantic and cultural

▪ Hut evenings
▪ Torchlight walks
▪ Horse-drawn sleigh rides
▪ Guided winter hikes, e.g. also with snowshoes
▪ Concerts, theater performances, readings
▪ Iodosulfur bath with Germany's strongest iodosulfur source
▪ Modern bathing park with heated outdoor pool and various saunas


If you want a little more ...

Our top ski areas such as Sutten, Wallberg, Stümpfling, Tauberstein, Spitzing, Hirschberg, Setzberg,
Ödberg and Rosskopf, with their approx. 18-22 mountain railways and lifts, make every winter sports heart higher
beat! Almost all areas have the most modern snow-making systems and thus always ensure
first-class groomed slopes and trails!

Alpen-Plus, unlimited skiing pleasure with 5 great ski areas - 1 ski pass



BW Seepromenade 6492 c Egbert Krupp


Get-to-know weeks in November and December


Sensational weeks to get to know each other in the valley of dreams! The turquoise Tegernsee is embedded in the grandiose pre-alpine landscape and reveals its charm in November and in the run-up to Christmas. Incredible, but true at a sensational all-inclusive price with 7 nights including half board per person from only

€ 490, -

as well as the Alpenhof inclusive services.


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  • Let yourself be seduced

    01.05. - 29.05.22

    May, oh May, he really sets us free with a sensational offer.

    From only 630, - EUR

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  • Catch the summer in June-July


    The Tegernsee blooms in full splendor and warmly welcomes you with its charm.

    From only 749, - EUR

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  • The Tegernsee in August-September


    Catch the summer at one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.

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  • Golden October


    Hiking, mountaineering, cycling, mountain biking and much more

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  • Get-to-know weeks


    Unique introductory weeks at the Hotel Alpenhof.

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  • Christmas romance

    20.12.-27.12.21 (minimum stay)

    Enjoy Christmas at a sensational price!

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  • New Year's Eve

    27.12.21-03.01.22 (minimum stay)

    The highlight of the year at the Hotel Alpenhof on Tegernsee.

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  • January magic


    Hello 2022 with a great offer to kick off the season in January.

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  • Winter high season in February


    Winter magic in the Tegernsee valley with the wonderful Bavarian mountain landscape.

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  • March sun offer


    The snow is slowly going away in the Tegernsee valley and spring is heralding.

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  • Spring freshness in April


    April does what he wants and mostly with feeling.

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